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The Change Your Brain Master's Program is a free video series packed with information that will show you how to live the life you've always wanted.*

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Join the revolution of hundreds of thousands of people who have literally improved their brains and their lives using the methods develop at the Amen Clinics by Dr. Daniel Amen and his dedicated team of physicians and scientists.

In this free 3-episode series you will learn that you are not stuck with the brain you have, you can make it better.

By learning the Amen Clinics Method you can have better energy, moods, memory, focus, self-control and decision making.

Your brain is the command and control center of your life. When it works right, you work right; and when it is troubled, you are much more likely to have trouble in your life.*

*The Change Your Brain, Change Your Life free video series will help you:

  • Boost your Mood
  • Quiet Anxious Thoughts
  • Improve your Focus
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Boost Creativity
  • Improve Decision Making & Self-Control
  • Enhance your Memory

Watch Video #1 of our free 3-part series now!

Carlos's Story

You Are Not Stuck with the Brain You Have. You Can Make It Better and We Can Prove It.

When we first saw Carlos, he was 48-years-old and filled with worries, negative thinking, depression, anger, and trouble focusing. He had undiagnosed dyslexia as a child and had struggled with heavy drinking in the past. His health habits were terrible; he weighed 266 pounds and his brain was in trouble, all of which were not helping his emotional issues.

Carlos completely committed himself to the "4 circles" program we laid out for him. He is an analytical man and the logic of the program made sense to him. After 10 weeks, he lost 24 pounds and after 30 weeks he was down 50 pounds. *

More importantly, his mood, energy, and memory were better as well.Plus, he looked and felt 10 years younger.

By taking to heart the steps in The Amen Clinics Method, Carlos stopped overeating as a way to medicate his sadness and irritability. And by eating brain healthy foods at frequent enough intervals, he no longer had the energy crashes that made him so vulnerable to stress. He looks like a different person on the outside, but we saw a dramatic difference on the inside as well.

His follow up SPECT scan showed overall increased activity. Carlos changed his brain and in the process changed his life!

Below are Carlos's before and after brain SPECT scans.

This is the part I love most about Carlos' story. After seeing Carlos's success, his wife, who was not overweight, started our program to learn about creating a brain healthy family and ended up losing 10 lbs. herself.

Then their 14-year-old daughter took the program. Carlos's success influenced everyone he loved. Several years later I saw Carlos in our waiting room and he still looked fabulous. I asked him how he kept it going. "It's not hard," he said. "I have the program dialed-in."

You can do this too.
None of what I will ask you to do is hard. It just takes consistent effort.*

*Carlos’s Before and After Brain SPECT


About Dr. Daniel Amen

Daniel G. Amen, MD is one of the world's most respected neuroscientists and brain researchers. He has helped tens of thousands of people transform their lives by improving their brain function. He has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Dr. Phil, TED, and more. Daniel is a ten-time New York Times best-selling author and co-founder of The Daniel Plan, a church-based health and wellness plan that helped 15,000 people lose over 250,000 pounds the first year.

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